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Ok, this is probably a very bad idea to post it here, but here goes.

This originated from a simple thought that after the event’s of second movie, Hiccup is going to have a REALLY hard time. He’s often going to hide in the shadows, exhausted. How to lift the mood of someone who’s down? with a little affection. Sometimes it comes a little unexpected…

A series of sketches with a little colors splashed. After scanning it wasn’t exactly clear what was in the shadow and what was not.

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Unreal Engine 4 Test

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The new Supreme Paradox.

Believed to be a paradox Orange Dream Ivory from an Orange Dream Butter Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly pairing. She belongs to Shane Whitaker Quality Serpents and Nick Boles. (x)

frozen animated GIF

I’m not normally a huge ball python fan, but that’s very cool looking.

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Agami heron (Agamia agami)

The agami heron is a medium-sized heron. It is a resident breeding bird from Central America south to Peru and Brazil. The agami heron’s habitat is forest swamps and similar wooded wetlands. They nest in colonies on platforms of sticks in trees over water, which may gather more than 100 nests. It is short-legged for a heron, but has a very long thin bill. Agami herons stalk their fish prey in shaded shallow water, often standing still or moving very slowly. They rarely wade in open water. They also take frogs, small reptiles, and snails.

photo credits: Leonardo C. Fleck, agamiheron, Leif G

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will you make a tutorial on drawint eyes and noses? pretty please :)


There are so many great tutorials on drawing them on the internet- I’m not using any unique techniques and I’m not sure how to make a decent tutorial. But I can share some notes and sketchy tips, I hope it will be helpful)image

edit: >Here’s< a bit bigger version

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